Shabs Patel has been a dentist since 1992, and is the founder of Guided Records with the guiding philosophy that vicariously supporting the dentist and increasing patient satisfaction creates the most predictable Patient Journey.

Guided Records dental software has been created by a dentist who was also a practice owner. He was tired of hearing of so many dentists worried about patient complaints and litigation based of communication problems, or records that were not exactly in line with practice requirements.

In busy practices, it was also becoming apparent that patients wanted more of their dentist’s attention. So, Shabs decided to collaborate with people who could help to create a dental software that was:

  • • Easy to use,
  • • Kept patients informed about their care,
  • • Alllowed dentists more time to interact with their patients.

This is the story of Guided Records…

In an online survey conducted by the British Dental Association (BDA) in 2019, there were high levels of self-reported stress, burnout and psychological distress. Primarily, there was a genuine fear of patient dissatisfaction and litigation. So, we decided to investigate the reasons.

We came to the conclusion they all had one thing in common: They were still using traditional dental software and copying template records for every patient. In some practices, there could be one dentist recording a different template of their examination from other dentists in the same practice. We never thought this could be so problematic. The dental software market has not advanced much since the 1980s. Dentists have been using the same software systems for more than 40 years. These were originally designed as a computer version of a blank paper record. And no one has thought whether this was still the ideal way.

The truth is that the usability of existing dental software is a very real cause of dentists having so much anxiety when working. Dental computers are very often unsuited to systematically recording a structured dental record by any member of the team. Instead, they just offer empty text boxes with little guidance built in, packing the screen with many menu buttons. It can be challenging to see exactly which menu to click next. Dentists have to resort to using hacks, such as copy and pasting pre-made dental notes from a different document.

Keeping the patient updated is easier than ever before.

Safer and More Convenient

There is a lot to do and there are too many steps to get it right. Many recent studies link cognitive overload to anxiety. The best software experience is where the user doesn’t have to think about the software. It appears smooth and simple on the surface, but hundreds of crucial design decisions have been made to guide the dentist. Complicated and confusing software forces dentists and their teams to find solutions to problems that shouldn’t be there in the first place – much like the dentist's pre-made notes that do not always resemble the practice's requirements.

The dental team thai is confused by the interface, the options, the navigation and so on will likely feel overwhelmed by the thinking process. This excessive thinking is called cognitive overload, and here we’ll explain how you can avoid it. Every time the user has to pause to think while using clinical software – even for an instant – their working memory is weighed down. The same techniques that enhance memorability and learning also reduce user anxiety.

Peace of Mind for Dentists

Cluttered, chaotic and otherwise distracting interfaces can derail a dentist from their task at hand – and affect the patient interaction. Even when the dentist has been using the same system every day. Just like it’s hard to focus when several people are talking to you at the same time, dental software can have the same effect when too many symbols, buttons, icons, tiny fonts, text types and boxes fight for your attention.

So we thought about what can be done to help. Guided Records is a new cloud-based dental software company. A software company that could change how a dental practices can move forward. Our goal was to get rid of everything that’s not essential to the workflow on the screen, keeping only what’s necessary to streamline the clinical experience. We also aim to provide a systematic workflow capable of preventing patient complaints escalating, which in turn improves patient loyalty to the practice. A dental software worthy of any UK dental environment in the 21st century.

And in fact, we have been able to develop something unique and affordable for every dental practice. We decided to call it Guided Records. Guided Records is specifically designed to support the dentist’s workflow. Display information in a way that’s quicker to understand, and quicker for the mind to process. Which is really to say, work in a way that demands less effort of the brain.

which in turn improves patient loyalty to the Practice

Step-by-Step Protocol

The more information overload a dentist has, the more time they will take to make decisions (Hick’s Law). Using Hick's Law can help us reduce complexity by simplifying the decision-making process for the dental team. In less than 60 seconds you’ll have clean contemporaneous records in exactly the right format, and the perfect dental journey for the patient and the dental team.

A systematic, structured record is a safer record.

Faster, safer and with less anxiety … Guided Records offers

  • • Paper-free signatures,
  • • A patient access portal so patients can complete and sign medical and consent forms,
  • • Automatic and secure patient communications via text or email,
  • • Dental guidance that’s built into the programme,
  • • More time for clinicians to treat patients – and less time typing!
  • • An improved patient experience, which improves patient loyalty.

Guided Records is extremely effective and reassuring because the records are prepared for both patient care and ready to support medico-legal evidence. The workflow is made flexible for every dentist. And the software can be used easily by any member of the dental team without advanced training.


Support Dentists and Patients Better than Before

Ever since Guided Records was introduced, more and more dentists are realising the challenges of their existing and complicated software. Dentists and their teams need a better way to document patient care care, and interact with their patients in the surgery and gigitally with regards medical forms, consents and so forth.

Dentists Can Get Started Immediately

We want our dental software could reach everyone. With no software to install in the Practice, dentists can get started immediately. Click here to test drive Guided Records today!